• The work is carried out in close coordination with the customer, as a support for the General Manager and his team.
  • The work is consistent: from the vision to the implementation of the strategy.
  • My approach is focused on the whole company.
  • Both, ‘hard’ factors (markets, products, systems, …) and ‘soft’ factors (openness in the team, motivation of the team, …) are considered.
  • I do the work myself.
  • The facilitation of the change process and giving impulses on strategy are my task. I have to be able to stand behind the developed concept.
  • My work is based on practical methods developed by me, which combine common sense, intuition and systematics.
  • Clients can use my methods as permanent tools.
  • I provide support during the implementation phase. Therefore, the relationships with many of my clients are medium- and long-term.